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PR akin to beaver dams

Beavers work assiduously to build their dams.

They’re never quite satisfied with the type of wood they gnaw, its length, its fit with other pieces of the their dam.

It’s like that with PR.

Most companies are never quite satisfied with their results from PR.

They expect new sales, new knowledge, greater awareness.

They try to do it alone or by telling their PR people or outside counsel how to do the work.

We listen, then design and build sturdy dams. Meant to serve a long time. Meant to be refined to adjust to the river’s flow, more beavers coming into the river, fewer fish to eat.

Our dams are smashing PR programs that help clients move into new markets, introduce new products, reach key people and organizations to create interest and help them decide to go our clients’ way.

We’ve built a lot of dams in 20 years for b-to-b, direct to consumer, financial services, high tech, investor and marketing PR.

We train. We advise. We do. Dams are our only product. How about a dam for you?

We’ll send you an essay on “Reasons Why PR Surpassed Advertising in Business Marketing.”

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