Launching a corporate blog? Here are three critical aspects to keep in mind, conveniently alliterated to enhance retention and recall:

1. Content
One word, Benjamin*, focus. Start the blogging process by thinking about two elements: what you want to say and to whom, and build your blog’s content scope from that vision. If you manage a software company, for example, you might choose to offer a resource for business leaders to learn about trends and new products. Having established your focus, you wouldn’t then decide blog about unrelated topics, like personal experiences, HR issues or the various mental troubles of Britney Spears. Blogs, like businesses, shouldn’t try to be everything to everyone.

2. Connections
The Internet gets more awesome every day. Because widespread RSS subscription availability and neat-o user-aggregated tools like Digg, and Technorati, readers help boost your blog’s SEO by bookmarking your content if they think it’s valuable. You can also become a bona fide member of the blogger community by creating a blogroll, a list of related blogs you read regularly. Eventually, you’ll build your readership through reciprocated links in the blogrolls of others.

Connections are not all virtual. They also involve those real world relationships you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. Face it, you know people. In fact, you probably know some folks in your industry space who are blazing a trail. Invite them to guest blog or pick their brain in an interview and blog about your conversation. By adding new insights, you’ll build your credibility and grow your reader base.

3. Commitment
Readers like new content. Blogging experts say readers will stop visiting your blog shortly after you stop updating your content. Commit to frequent, regular updates and keep the content coming. An easy way to make this happen (and effectively fit blog maintenance into your busy business life) is to create a blog editorial calendar. Many hands make light work, so bring your leadership team or employees in on it. Make the blog a company-wide initiative.

Blogs take time and energy, but don’t stress. You can vary the length and content of your posts—write a unique post one week and just link to your favorite another week. Variety helps your readers stay interested, too.

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Posted by Nicole