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PR Third-Party/ Editorial Credibility

Picture this; your mother is urging the boy next door to ask you out on a date. She is trying to convince him what a pretty and special child you are… Hmm..This might be true, but the information source seems to be a little biased, and after all, she is your mother. But, if your other neighbor approaches the boy next door and hails you as that sweet and pretty darling your mother has claimed you to be, you have just been backed with third party credibility, and that is a fundamental strategy of public relations.

In applying this scenario to business, you are the product, your mother is the business that is advertising you, the boy next door is a customer, and your neighbor is the third party credibility (newspaper journalist, magazine reviewer, health reporter, etc.). The boy next door can’t trust alone in your mother’s advertisement, she would never advertise anything negative about her own creation. With another opinion, the boy next door would be more willing to take you out on a date. It’s an easy concept to understand, that is why companies need public relations firms to help find third party/editorial credibility through releasing news and advances to the right media and objective journalists who then carry out message to the target customers. Public Relations help find that neighbor to give you the credibility that you need.

What customers want from any business is to be able to trust that what they are buying is credible. People are much more likely to believe a media source rather than a paid advertisement. This is why PR is so crucial to any successful business.

Connie Chung

Business and Economy 06 Aug 2008 11:29 am

Yet More Reasons to Love Ann Arbor, Michigan…

Walking by my counter a few days ago, I saw this headline on the front page of the Ann Arbor Newspaper and I thought to myself… this is just icing on top of the cake.

AARP Names Ann Arbor “Healthiest City”

The next morning, I opened up the CNN money section to find this article,
“100 Best Places to Live and Launch”, I wondered if Ann Arbor was in there, and sure enough! Ann Arbor was no. 42 on the list.

So what goes on top of icing, sprinkles? – I’m an Ann Arbor fanatic.

Claimed by MSNBC to be the 3rd smartest city in the United States, repeatedly ranked as one of the top 10 cities to live in the U.S, no. 42 on CNN’s 100 best places to live and launch, and according to the magazine AARP the number one healthiest city in the U.S! Can anyone blame me for wanting to live here my whole life?

The first article points out that health and good economy go hand in hand.
“There is a strong link between the health and vibrancy of a community and the health of its economy,” Michigan Economic Development Corp. President and CEO James C. Epolito.

The second article points out Ann Arbor’s strong suit in the high-tech industry, which receives significant support from a private public partnership called Ann Arbor Spark. Ann Arbor Spark supports a statewide Pre-Seed Capital Fund that targets tech companies and provides access to early-stage capital to accelerate company developments. Their mission is to advance the economic development of innovation-based businesses in the Ann Arbor region by offering programs, resources, and proactive support to businesses at every stage. Ann Arbor Spark has awarded $5.4 million to 25 emerging companies to date.

Ann Arbor is a great city for both your personal and your work life. It is an excellent place to raise a family in a healthy environment. With support from Ann Arbor Spark, it proves time and time again that Ann Arbor is an attractive place of noted worth for innovative businesses and companies to grow.

These articles offer another confirmation to me that Ann Arbors business and economy are strong and serves as a healthy reminder of why I believe this city is so great.