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Ideas to Brand Yourself

We have been covering “The Magic to Brand Yourself.”

Why … reasons to do it … the necessity of having a strong “name” for what you do.

Here are some ideas of how to build your own brand.

1. As noted in the Dec. 24 blog, make a list of 20-25 organizations or people that you want to build ties with to get your name known. Like me, figure creative ways to get with these groups and people.

2. Speak to target groups of people that are important to you, on your target list.

3. Write for periodicals, blogs and other online or traditional media that are read by the groups and people you seek to reach.

4. Do your own web site and blog your ideas.

5. Don’t just join target groups. Be a DOER. Get engaged in a meaningful project that you can engage in. Such groups may be non profits, community forums, educational institutions.


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Branding Yourself — How To

We’ve discussed the importance of branding yourself and given some keen examples.

Now, here are some ideas on what you can do specifically to build your name awareness.

Make a target list of 20-25 people and organizations you need to know. These may be individuals, businesses, non profits, media, organizations that strike you as important to what you want to achieve. Figure a clever way to get known with these. Here are some ways that have worked for me.

I wanted to get to know the CEO of a large manufacturing company. His office was on the same floor as mine and I saw him from time to time in the hallway or parking lot. We got acquainted by this small talk and I told him of my plan to start my business. An entrepreneur, he asked me to tell him about it. So I went over at 6 one evening and gave him by business plan. He critiqued it, gave some counsel … then asked if I would help with his annual report. I did and he became a solid client for many years as well as a friend.

I caught the eye of some professors at the Michigan Business School by being asked to give a few lectures on high-tech marketing. I began these in a creative way: “Who wants $10?” I would ask. Hands flew up and I rewarded the first with the money. “In marketing, the first thing you have to do is get your audience’s attention,” I explained. The trick still works.

I wanted to meet a top executive of a large pizza company in my area. He attended the same church as I did and I made it my goal to get some eye contact with him, then introduce myself. I did this and a while later was asked to a meeting where my firm got an assignment to help with a major new PR project.

There is a lot more to branding yourself and this Christmas week, I’ll write a new blog with more creative ways you can enhance your effort to become known and recognized.

Larry Eiler

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Branding Yourself = The New Networking

Branding yourself is the new form of networking. Only now you are not confined to a group attending a program or event. The world can see what your brand is.

Following on the earlier post of “The Magic of Branding Yourself,” here are some questions to answer to get you going on building your name’s brand.

Why do you want to brand yourself?

What is your purpose?

What do you want to achieve with branding yourself? Is it to know lots of people, or be known? Is it to help with your reputation?

Whom do you need and want to get to know? Is it just anyone … a specific group of people …educators … business prospects?

What do you want this group to think of you? What are your key messages to impart? Why do you want this group in particular? Nice person? Smart and confident? Knowledgeable expert on a certain topic? Come to you with an issue or for counsel?

Remember: it is all about focusing on who you want to reach that can help you lead to your goal. Here is this post’s example.

Dr. David Mielke, dean of he noted College of Business at Eastern Michigan University. Dave was named Dean in 2005 and needed to differentiate his college from numerous others in he Midwest – his competitors.

He chose to do it by branding statement “Innovative. Applied. Global.”

He set a series of guest speakers at a periodic business breakfasts for regional business and other leaders. He targeted key media in the college’s market area and met with them to tell the story of what he was doing to let people know of the college’s affairs.

He built the college’s international presence by signing relationships with universities in China, India and elsewhere to bolster the multinational and cultural aspects of the CoB.

Think of your key words to brand yourself. Then create your action plan to do it.

Larry Eiler

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The Magic to Brand Yourself

Why would anyone want to brand him or her self? It seems quite self-serving. It implies arrogance to believe anyone would care.

Branding yourself is the way to become known.

Given the fact that we all now can be commentators, “journalists” if you will, because of the Internet, and especially blogs, it is simple logic to be able to create a “name” of your name. This new movement in PR has helped to establish a bunch of names – people in their 20s to 90s and all between. It is a movement not just for companies doing PR in Michigan and the Midwest, but the world. Not just for techies doing PR, but for business people and executives.

If you can make a “name” for yourself through your commentary, you get more audience for your blogs or other writings. You make a name for yourself, your business through an article or book you author, organizations to are involved with, teaching speaking to various groups.

It is wise and prudent in this situation to create your own brand, build and promote your own name by branding yourself.

Paul Gillin is one of the pre-eminent brands in the blogosphere. As a former editor of Computerworld, once the core computer trade pub, Paul got into speaking, writing books, blogging and becoming an expert commentator on new media over the past decade. He does it right, authoring books and blogs at these sites:

Paul Gillin Communications

New Influencers book

Secrets of Social Media Marketing book

Innovations (Ziff-Davis Enterprise)

Mediablather weekly podcast

Geocaching Secrets (my next book)

Newspaper Death Watch

Paul and Dana’s Blog

He also speaks across the nation and here are a few current examples.

PRSA Teleseminar: Secrets of Social Media Marketing – Dec 2
New Marketing Summit, San Francisco, April 28-29, 2009
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I’ll write lots more about “the magic of branding yourself” — including tips from speeches I’ve given — in coming blogs.

Larry Eiler