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Facebook & Your Business

The social media website, Facebook, has been around for five years. It started as a social networking site for college students who attended a four-year university. Today, anyone with a valid email address can create his own account and it has expanded from college social networking to opening doors and benefiting businesses with several different features.

The pages feature was created to give businesses their own page on Facebook like an individual person. Pages give your business an identity. Once a business creates its page, it can then put pictures, videos and any other type of information that describes the company. People can become a “fan” of your business and follow your page and it’s updates. Any new activity on a page gets posted back to your mini feed for all your friends to see. This is another way to increase others awareness of your business.

The groups feature is similar to the pages feature. Groups are meant to be built around several people rather than an individual business. The difference between the two is that groups do not share as much information with users friends as users interact. For example, posting activity and updates on a users mini feed.

Facebook has a powerful advertising feature. It enables businesses to specify a specific demographic to target, see the number of people that demographic will hit and then advertise to them. This allows businesses to control who they are reaching to and then create an appeal to the specific demographic.

The applications feature allows businesses to have developers write software to help promote their business. Applications give them the full power to say or promote anything they want about their business.

The polls feature is good for marketers who want to get a quick answer about a particular feature they would like to implement or to find out the opinion or information from a specific demographic.

It is very clear how businesses can benefit from Facebook. As time passes, more and more businesses will realize how powerful of a marketing tool the website is. I didn’t realize the full extent to how powerful and beneficial social media was to businesses until I started at Eiler. Now, I think all companies should be using Facebook and other social media sites.

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