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The introduction of a new trend,, has many people talking. This website allows users to create anonymous question boxes for anyone with an account. The choice of leaving an anonymous question allows anyone to ask the juicy questions that would normally be avoided. Is a website like this a good idea? Seems to me it is something that will quickly be abused.

In an age where cyber-bullying is an everyday occurrence, people should be more cautious in regulating the web. Adolescents are continuously using new forms of social media to taunt their unpopular peers. Not only adolescents, but also some parents have joined in on the taunting, such as a mother whose fictitious MySpace account led to the suicide of a 13-year old neighbor. Cases like these are on the rise and with the ever-increasing changes in technology will continue to ostracize many of America’s youth.

Permitting anonymous posts makes it easier for bullies to get away with their crimes. They can easily say hurtful words without having to deal with the consequences. Because high school students in our society continually utilize social media, is gaining new users on a daily basis. Although may have been created with good intentions, I believe that it will quickly be misused and perpetuate the mistreatment of many of today’s adolescents.

- Sami Kraslow Save This Page

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