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Client News &Entrepreneurs &Marketing &Michigan Positive 29 Apr 2010 04:09 pm

CoolHeadS “The Most Innovative Award”

CoolHeadS wins the Most Innovative Award at the 2010 Exposure Show at Eastern Michigan University.

Winning the Most Innovative Award was a good start, but it’s only a start,” Tommy Green, CEO said. “Now the mission is getting the product on peoples’ heads.”

Client News 28 Apr 2010 11:30 am

GWI Moves Main Office to Ann Arbor From Miami Beach

Gerald White International LLC (GWI), the full service marketing, branding and events firm founded by Gerald White, former standout fullback for Michigan, has moved its headquarters to Ann Arbor from Miami Beach. The firm also has operations in Atlanta and Central Florida.

“Ann Arbor is a great place to continue to build our business,” said White, who played fullback for Michigan 1983-87. “It is an enterprising business region and with businesses driving hard to move away from the down economy. We see good opportunities in Michigan and around the country.”

GWI’s office is at 118 South Main Street, Suite 355 in downtown Ann Arbor. White said that his firm provides marketing, PR, digital and social network marketing media.

The firm has strategic relationships with Sourcebits of Atlanta and Bangalore, India, a leader in mobile/social and gaming apps and digital solutions, and Eiler Communications of Ann Arbor, a PR firm.

Clients of the firm include the National Athletic Association, The Ludacris Foundation, Melange Bistro, Don Modesto Tequila and an assortment of people and groups in entertainment and athletics.

Environment 21 Apr 2010 02:58 pm


With the final casting of votes our duck was named “Clarise” She has been sitting on her clutch non-stop and we anticipate the hatching to be about the 28th of April. It’s amazing that we never see her leave the nest and it’s almost like she is hibernating. The baby pool I bought is going back to Target as I discovered that she has already picked out the water she will take her ducklings to. It has to have a lot of insects for them to eat. Apparently, they have the ability to eat insects shortly after hatching and once their feathers are dry she can walk them for up to three miles. So much for me worrying about them crossing our busy streets. Hopefully, we get to see our ducklings.

Environment 08 Apr 2010 02:31 pm

No Name Duck

We’ve had suggestions of Chrissie, Madeline and Ivy but would like more. She has been sitting on her nest for a week now, We never see her leave. It looks like she has flattened her body so she can cover all of the eggs. Murphy pays no attention to her but he is ket on his leash and not allowed to sniff.

Ann Arbor, Michigan PR Firm &Entrepreneurs &Marketing &Michigan Public Relations Firm 07 Apr 2010 02:26 pm

CooLHeadS Values Counsel of Start-Up Groups

Start-up companies are becoming popular among entrepreneurs and experienced business people who have been “outed” from their jobs because of the economy and the implosion of the domestic auto businesses. This is true across Michigan and especially in the Ann Arbor region.

There are many organizations that provide pro bono counsel and services like business planning, investment, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, design, packaging.

CooLHeadS, which has developed its business to the extent it will show its creative new product, which covers heads and neck areas to prevent sunburn on hot summer and fall days, at the 12th annual EMU Exposure and Runway Show at Quirk Hall April 16.

CEO of CooLHeadS Tommy Green explains the firm has engaged the following groups, all pro bono, in his quest to organize and get the firm up and running:

The Sesi Business Plan Competition Committee (Paul Nucci, Richard King, Phil Rufe).
The B Side of Youth (Jack Bidlack).
University of Michigan Business Engagement Center (Nick Miller).
Michigan Manufacturing Association (Michelle Cordano).

“Having discussions helped mold my ideas into well-thought plans for execution,” says Green. “Each individual provided their own vision and insight on the project. “I listened, considered and put into practice. Each perspective gave me a truly different view of how CooLHeadS can become a solid business.”

Other infrastructure groups have developed in the past 10 years around the state are also available to help entrepreneurs — the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, Southwest Michigan First. SPARK, The Right Place in Grand Rapids, Tech Town, Automation Alley and its Entrepreneurial Initiative.

Investment wise, the Michigan Venture Capital Association and the five angel investor groups across the state also fulfill key roles for emerging companies as they grow. There are Ann Arbor Angels, Blue Water Angels, First Angels, Grand Angels and Great Lakes Angels.

The Small Business Technology and Development Center guides new businesses through professionals in its 12 regions covering the state with 60 offices and affiliates.

In academia, we have Michigan State’s Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan Ross School of Business’s Zell-Lurie Institute and Wayne State’s Tech Town.

The Great Lakes Entrepreneur’s Quest, a business plan competition since 2000, provides a great source of guidance through its mentors for new companies.

We have the infrastructure strengths that did not exist 10 years back. Let’s use the groups established to bolster new businesses as we march toward a better Michigan.

Larry Eiler

Environment 02 Apr 2010 01:53 pm

Just Ducky

Last week our golden retriever “Murphy” who comes to work with us was intently watching something outside of Larry’s office door. There is a patio area that has lots of ivy ground cover. Something was moving in the ivy, Squirrel, no, a mallard duck! I soon noticed that the drake was walking up and down the sidewalk.

She pranced around and left. We think no nesting here. The next morning Murphy instead of running to the office door, takes a left and we hear the duck and we do not see her the rest of the day, but there are four green eggs in the nesting spot.

By now, my curiosity has taken over. Fascinating information on the habits of ducks.
She lays an egg a day until her clutch is filled about 10 – 12 eggs. She does not need to sit on the nest to incubate them until all are laid. It then takes about 28 days. She is now on the nest all of the time.

In my research I discover that as soon as they hatch and their feathers are dry she will take them for a swim. The nearest water is over a mile away. Of course, I go out and buy a kiddie pool, as it would be too dangerous for them to go to the pond. I now find out that she can take them up to three miles away to the wetlands that have the most food

Since she will be around for awhile, we’d better give her a name. Suggestions???