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Clarise’s Ducklings

We arrived at the office yesterday to discover that the nest was empty. Just cracked eggs. I was terribly disappointed as I really wanted to see the ducklings. I was in the middle of the ivy, taking a picture of the nest. I hear peeping and look behind me to see four tiny ducklings underneath the ivy.
Clarise is no where in sight. The ducklings are non-stop noise and walking all over the patio. They finally huddle together and Larry has to shoo way a huge black crow. We keep expecting to see Clarise arrive. I Googled animal rescue to see if I could get some advice as to what to do. I found this wonderful resource Mallard Marsh. Carole tells me that if Clarise is not around, I should bring the ducklings to her immediately and to keep them warm. If there are any warm eggs in the nest to bring them as well. I gather up the ducklings and take them to Carole. This lady rescues 200-300 ducklings a year. My research told me that the ducklings would swim immediately. Carole will not let them swim for 6-8 weeks as they would get to cold. Apparently, a mother duck only lets them swim for short periods and then keeps them warm. Carole will keep them under a heat lamp. I was amazed at the dedication of this woman taking care of all of these ducklings for over twenty years. I told her that maybe I’d see her next year and she told me maybe this year as Mallards have two clutches a year. On her wish list was kiddie pools, so I mailed the one I had bought to her today. Save This Page

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