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Cybersecurity on a Phone?

As I am on the go more and use my phone as an internet source, a thought occurs to me. Can I get a virus on my phone? It’s sounds crazy but I can’t help but wonder. I would go crazy if my phone, a life-line of sorts, was to fail on me.

I have learned cell phone viruses do exist, however unlike ones that attack computers, cell phone viruses have trouble replicating and need to be installed by users. This means, multimedia text messages could carry viruses. If it’s not from someone you know and trust, don’t open it! An infected phone with a Bluetooth can also search for Bluetooth phones in the area and send virus code. To prevent this, turn the Bluetooth auto-discovery mode off. And yes, cell phones can become infected by surfing the Internet. However, phones require users to download and install infected files. So don’t download what you don’t know.

Ironically, cybersecurity is becoming such an issue that The University of Maryland University College is launching a cybersecurity degree program starting this fall. The coursework is completely online and 1,000 to 1,200 students are anticipated to be apart of the program this fall. It’s ironic that cybersecurity now includes phones, something I never would have dreamed of as a kid. Where will cybersecurity be needed in the future? I can only imagine.

Jaclyn Klein

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