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Social Media for the Rich

One of the newest emerging social media trends is the niche site. You may have heard of networking sites for dog lovers, cat lovers, business executives, moms, or even mathematicians; but do you know that one exists for the rich?

Social networking sites, such as Family Bhive, Peers, Pi Capital, Institute of Private Investors, and Affluence are offering the select elite a unique outlet for networking.

Family Bhive, for example only accepts wealthy individuals as members and their wealth must be verified before admittance. Members use the site to talk, arrange meetings and exchange investment opportunities, aside from the general public.

These niche sites vary in specifics, as some sites require membership fees while others are available free of charge. But the general idea remains the same: to connect the wealthy members of our society so that they can socialize, fraternize and talk business.

It is not surprising that members often taken advantage of this niche networking to initiate joint investments with other elites in private companies.

The most popular site in the United States is the Institute of Private Investors (IPI). It has more than 1,100 individual members and 140 professional firms.

So, who are the members of these exclusive networks? Celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs and those who inherited wealth. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, don’t worry: there is a niche network out there for you too.

Jaclyn Klein

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YouTube Instrumental in Help for Japanese City

On March 24th, Mayor Katsunobu Sakurai of Minamisoma, Japan recorded and uploaded a video to YouTube, desperately pleading for help. His city, a mere 15 miles from a malfunctioning Japanese nuclear power plant, faced starvation because it’s inhabitants were trapped in their homes and shelters due to the nuclear alert. Still devastated from the earthquake and 60-foot tsunami, Miniamisoma residents were in dire need of assistance.

The video, titled “SOS from Minamisoma Mayor,” has received well over 200,000 views on YouTube and residents from Miniamisoma are getting help from viewers around the world. The city has received hundreds of boxes of food and supplies for individuals and truckloads from organizations. Many of those who have sent supplies say that it was in response to the YouTube video.

Today, weeks after the video’s release, Miniamisoma is still receiving donations and the city is beginning to return to its normal operations. Businesses are opening again and citizens are slowly emerging from their homes, even despite the orders recommending inhabitants to stay indoors.

This amazing story highlights one of the endless opportunities that the Internet and social media have created. A simple YouTube video gave hope to a city that was lost and nonexistent to the world. Traditional media disappeared from Miniamisoma because of the nuclear threat, but new media opened doors of communication and essentially gave a city the means to survive.

Jaclyn Klein