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The Search Goes On

Google remains at the top by providing searching capability

In a recent post on his blog “Newspaper Death Watch,” Paul Gillin cites from ZenithOptimedia that Google, with revenue of 37.9 billion dollars, topped the charts as the world’s largest media company in 2011. It was responsible for 49 percent of Internet ad expenditures worldwide. Google was the only company in the top five that does not produce content, with The DirecTV Group, News Corp, Disney, and Comcast making it as the other most grossing companies.

Content-based companies are still doing well, but searching sites such as Google seem to be taking over. As Gillin states, “Content rules, but search rules more.”

But, why? Why is the act of supplying media, not creating it, ruling the media industry?

Consumer preferences. People want the freedom to search for whatever they want, whenever they want; they want a customized, personal experience. This isn’t surprising. Actually, it’s expected. With technology’s rapid development- tablets, voice-controlled smart phones, and self-parking cars- people have the world at their fingertips with instant gratification of what they seek.

Now that they’ve had a taste of searching out their own media content, consumers want more, and Google provides it.

In general, the internet is taking over. Online shopping and advertisements have made our culture even more consumer-driven and materialistic. Google has figured out better than any other company how to capitalize on this and convince consumers that they need Google to search for what they want.

Larry Page, a past Ann Arborite and alumni of the University of Michigan, probably had no idea that his creation would change the world and become one of the most influential companies of all time. Today, Google continues to propel the media industry into the future with the power to search.

With the ever-changing field of technology, who knows how long content-based groups will remain key players in the media industry.

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