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How Do Companies Benefit Using Social Media?

Social Media is the big thing these days. Although I have been using it for a couple years now, I don’t think I quite realized the extent of how beneficial it is until I started interning at Eiler Communications.

Social Media is Internet and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information with other people. There are many different forms of this; Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, MySpace and Blogging.

Lets talk about blogging. A benefit of your company writing blogs about various topics is to get your name out. It’s like a form of marketing that you don’t have to pay for. If you write about a topic and someone searches for that topic on Google, your blog is going to come up and direct that person to your website.

How is Facebook beneficial? Almost everyone I know has a page on Facebook. Companies can do the same thing. An organization can create a page saying what they do, where they are located etc. You can also link your website to your page to generate more traffic to your site.

I think Social Media is one of the best ways to get your name today and best of all, it’s free! Now isn’t that something good to hear in today’s economy?

Amanda Deluca

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The Magic to Brand Yourself

Why would anyone want to brand him or her self? It seems quite self-serving. It implies arrogance to believe anyone would care.

Branding yourself is the way to become known.

Given the fact that we all now can be commentators, “journalists” if you will, because of the Internet, and especially blogs, it is simple logic to be able to create a “name” of your name. This new movement in PR has helped to establish a bunch of names – people in their 20s to 90s and all between. It is a movement not just for companies doing PR in Michigan and the Midwest, but the world. Not just for techies doing PR, but for business people and executives.

If you can make a “name” for yourself through your commentary, you get more audience for your blogs or other writings. You make a name for yourself, your business through an article or book you author, organizations to are involved with, teaching speaking to various groups.

It is wise and prudent in this situation to create your own brand, build and promote your own name by branding yourself.

Paul Gillin is one of the pre-eminent brands in the blogosphere. As a former editor of Computerworld, once the core computer trade pub, Paul got into speaking, writing books, blogging and becoming an expert commentator on new media over the past decade. He does it right, authoring books and blogs at these sites:

Paul Gillin Communications

New Influencers book

Secrets of Social Media Marketing book

Innovations (Ziff-Davis Enterprise)

Mediablather weekly podcast

Geocaching Secrets (my next book)

Newspaper Death Watch

Paul and Dana’s Blog

He also speaks across the nation and here are a few current examples.

PRSA Teleseminar: Secrets of Social Media Marketing – Dec 2
New Marketing Summit, San Francisco, April 28-29, 2009
Getting Started with Social Media – Lessons from the Frontlines – Dec. 11, 2008
Secrets of Social Media Marketing Webcast with Paul Gillin – Listrak
How Businesses View Social Media – Gilbane Boston 2008, Dec. 4, 2008

I’ll write lots more about “the magic of branding yourself” — including tips from speeches I’ve given — in coming blogs.

Larry Eiler

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Why blog for PR organizations?

It is increasingly difficult nowadays to be recognized for ones expertise in Michigan public relations, hi tech companies, and communication world with the amount of information that is out there. However, there is hope, and it has been around for a while: blogging. Interactive market positioning is oftentimes key to giving people the needed information they seek. The importance of blogging rests on six principles:

First, blogs are easy to publish on the web. The ability to upload thoughts, ideas, or general information is just a few clicks away, allowing for a mass flow of information across a wide spectrum.

Second, blogs are inexpensive. Especially in today’s economy, Michigan PR companies don’t have to spend vast sums of money getting their names out.

Third, it is quick and efficient. There is not wait time. The information is “published” fast and allows for instant reactions. This works especially well with a public relations organization like Eiler Communications to respond to industry and client needs.

Fourth, similar to my third point, blogging grabs the attention of search engines. The more the company blogs the more hits they might get and the more attention it receives via non-paid publicity, a huge bonus for the organization.

My last two points are tied together in that it both positions the company in a favorable light in the eyes of client, industry, and public to treat them as an expert and as a result, hopefully, increases its profits and notability.

Regardless of the reason a PR organization uses blogging, it can be an extremely important tool in the sphere of high tech communicating. And what better way to prove that the company knows media and the field of communications than actually communicating!


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Experts in the field?

A few weeks ago on our blog, the question was asked why is public relations important, especially in our poor economy today? Jenny was dead on when she rhetorically asked how are you supposed to attract new business if you get rid of the people that are in charge of bringing it in? Her first point in having a public relations company was to target in on the marketing position. Agreed, no doubt. Unpaid advertising and marketing is extremely important to companies nowadays. Many cannot afford to spend the money when it is needed elsewhere to make a successful business run smoothly. That is where the PR firm plays its role.

I think there is something else however that it can do to enable its market positioning strategy further for success and that is position the company to be an expert in its respective field. Eiler Communications is a case in point. It specializes in high tech PR and has the experience and track record to prove that.

Proving to an audience that the company is an expert in hi tech is a type of brand equity. An organization with strong brand equity will enjoy visibility and a reputation that makes them stand out from their competitors. It also becomes relevant when people believe the organization, or its services, add value to their life. Therefore, by strategically placing the company through a public relations agency that specializes in market positioning (especially in high tech areas), they can relax knowing that clients will become interested based on their expert services with little money spent on paid advertising.


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Why is Public Relations Important?

Public relations is the art and science of establishing relationships between an organization and its key audiences. In today’s business world and economy who doesn’t need to establish long lasting loyal relationships?

It is always amazing to me that in times of hardship in a company or small business the first thing to get “cut” is public relations and marketing. When business is slow, isn’t the objective to attract more business? The pieces don’t seem to fit in the logic of cutting what drives consumers to your business.

There are many different forms of marketing to reach your audience, but the first thing that should come to mind is positioning your company. Marketing positioning strategy is when marketers try to create an image or identity in the minds of their target market for its product, brand, or organization. In other words, try to say something that is so profound or shocking (but true) that you clear enough space in the brain of your consumer to make them forget about all of the other competition.
Sounds pretty simple right?

In most cases, it is not that simple.

That is why it is so important to use a mix of marketing methods, one of them being public relations. PR reaches your audience in a much different way because it is not a paid advertisement. It also helps you to reach an audience that you might not have been able to reach or afford to reach with traditional marketing methods. Public relations also uses diverse techniques such as opinion polling and focus groups to evaluate public opinion, combined with a variety of high-tech techniques for distributing information on behalf of their clients to the target audience.

What if you wanted to reach the audience that reads the Wall Street Journal, but your marketing budget wouldn’t allow you to spend 40k on a small black and white ad? PR will help you to reach an editor at the WSJ with a compelling story and get it published. Wouldn’t you be much more likely to read an article written by a third party rather than a paid advertisement and find more value in that?

Think about the different forms of social media these days! Blogging, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook! If you are not staying with the changes in technology then you will be left behind. All of these groups of social media are forms of PR and a good way to reach your audience or at the very least, hear what they are saying about your product directly.

Here is one more thing to think about. What if you had a major public relations crisis in your company and no one on your staff knew how to talk to the media? Wouldn’t you regret not having a PR firm?


About Eiler Communications &Ann Arbor, Michigan PR Firm &Biotech &Business and Economy &Business of PR &Healthcare &Marketing Communications &Michigan Positive &Michigan Public Relations Firm &PR Firm for Economic Development &Public Relations Tools &Sustainable Transportation &Technology PR Insights 24 Sep 2008 03:57 pm

Eiler Communications Diversified PR Portfolio

When I first started with Eiler communications as a Senior Account Manager I had most of my marketing/pr experience in high-end real estate, sales and restaurants. Since my tenure with the company I have been exposed to clients such as; VPSI, Inc, Genetics Squared, NSF International, Google, Silver Anti-Bac, Linux Box and many more in various fields. It has been an incredible experience for me to learn about so many diverse corporations and how they are contributing to the health and well being of our country.

For instance, Genetics Squared is in the process of developing a test that can help doctors determine how to treat certain types of cancers. By using personalized medicine we can possibly save the health care economy over 200,000 million dollars by being able to target the right procedures and treatments for different cancers. Imagine that?

VPSI, Inc is another client of ours that is helping all of us reduce our carbon footprint by providing alternate forms of sustainable transportation in the form of Vanpooling. To find out more about Vanpooling and VPSI go to, which is a blog that Eiler writes and maintains on behalf of VPSI, Inc.

NSF International helps protect all of us from the recent food scare(s) we have been trying to overcome the past six months. Recently, NSF provided a $1 million grant to a Virginia Tech professor of weed science to study the pathogen that causes bacterial speck disease of tomatoes. NSF is another example of a Michigan-based international business that is in the center of international issues. NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Not only are the companies that we represent making a difference in the health and
well being of our nation, but I feel as if I can help make a difference by using the resources of a PR agency to spread the word. By using the correct forms of a market positioning strategy, we have found that we are able to get great marketing and public relations results for our clients and I am proud of that!

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PR Third-Party/ Editorial Credibility

Picture this; your mother is urging the boy next door to ask you out on a date. She is trying to convince him what a pretty and special child you are… Hmm..This might be true, but the information source seems to be a little biased, and after all, she is your mother. But, if your other neighbor approaches the boy next door and hails you as that sweet and pretty darling your mother has claimed you to be, you have just been backed with third party credibility, and that is a fundamental strategy of public relations.

In applying this scenario to business, you are the product, your mother is the business that is advertising you, the boy next door is a customer, and your neighbor is the third party credibility (newspaper journalist, magazine reviewer, health reporter, etc.). The boy next door can’t trust alone in your mother’s advertisement, she would never advertise anything negative about her own creation. With another opinion, the boy next door would be more willing to take you out on a date. It’s an easy concept to understand, that is why companies need public relations firms to help find third party/editorial credibility through releasing news and advances to the right media and objective journalists who then carry out message to the target customers. Public Relations help find that neighbor to give you the credibility that you need.

What customers want from any business is to be able to trust that what they are buying is credible. People are much more likely to believe a media source rather than a paid advertisement. This is why PR is so crucial to any successful business.

Connie Chung

About Eiler Communications 07 Nov 2007 12:18 pm

Do You Have a Bus Seat?

Reading Rebecca’s blog entry of Good to Great harkened me to the busload of people that we have had on our staff throughout our 20+ years.

I has been a very interesting time observing how people work, are they a team player, leader and a good PR practitioner. Can they deliver for Eiler Communications clients the caliber of service which we strive to deliver.

Some have been able to stay on the bus and others were off.

I think that it is inherent to human nature to want to succeed personally and professionally. Some are able to achieve in both realms and some in only one. Personal satisfaction is what really counts.

We have had several members of our firm become highly successful in their careers. Larry and I have seven children and have a strong nurturing component to the culture of our business. I am sure that is part of the reason that we have always had a young staff who have blossomed from the guidance and mentoring they have received. We have had staff who have entered careers in the corporate area, one started his own PR firm in DC.

What makes these folks unique is that they maintained humility and recognized the basis of their growth. We are all products of our influencers, experiences and opportunities. These folks flourished in their careers giving credit to those who nurtured and influenced them. They will stay on any bus they chose. They acknowledge their foundation.

Sometimes and fortunately not often, individuals develop exaggerated self-pride or confidence and a sense of arrogance. Someone like this climbs the ladder of success without any acknowledgment of how that success was achieved. By doing so each of the rungs of the ladder is destroyed leaving them no way to climb down. They delude themselves into thinking that they were self-made talent. These folks do not stay on the bus for long.

Posted by Sandy

About Eiler Communications &Public Relations Tools 24 Sep 2007 04:13 pm

PR akin to beaver dams

Beavers work assiduously to build their dams.

They’re never quite satisfied with the type of wood they gnaw, its length, its fit with other pieces of the their dam.

It’s like that with PR.

Most companies are never quite satisfied with their results from PR.

They expect new sales, new knowledge, greater awareness.

They try to do it alone or by telling their PR people or outside counsel how to do the work.

We listen, then design and build sturdy dams. Meant to serve a long time. Meant to be refined to adjust to the river’s flow, more beavers coming into the river, fewer fish to eat.

Our dams are smashing PR programs that help clients move into new markets, introduce new products, reach key people and organizations to create interest and help them decide to go our clients’ way.

We’ve built a lot of dams in 20 years for b-to-b, direct to consumer, financial services, high tech, investor and marketing PR.

We train. We advise. We do. Dams are our only product. How about a dam for you?

We’ll send you an essay on “Reasons Why PR Surpassed Advertising in Business Marketing.”

E-mail me:

Posted by Larry

About Eiler Communications &Marketing &Public Relations Tools 05 Jul 2007 12:59 pm

What is PR?

“There’s no accepted definition of PR these days but we think firms could define themselves by what they do.” Jack O’Dwyer’s Newsletter, The authoritative source for the PR field, February 15, 2006.

“As advertising struggles, PR steps into the breach.” The Economist. January 21, 2005.

The credibility, believability of PR, is high and has been rising for some years.

But what is it?

We define it now in terms of deliverables, our products. Go over this visual of our products for three minutes. We think you will no longer wonder what PR is.

Please double click on the grid for easier read.

Larry Eiler

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