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Breast Cancer Action
You told Eli Lilly loud and clear that they need to stop Milking Cancer, so we went to deliver your message via a billboard in their hometown. Here’s the lesson we learned: A pharma company can increase our risk of breast cancer, but a breast cancer advocacy group cannot get billboard space to let the public know about this public health risk. Because we don’t have the money? Nope. Because the billboard companies in Indianapolis won’t carry this message. Barbara A. Brenner says: “When corporate influence runs this deep, the public should be outraged. We certainly are.”
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Eiler Communications Diversified PR Portfolio

When I first started with Eiler communications as a Senior Account Manager I had most of my marketing/pr experience in high-end real estate, sales and restaurants. Since my tenure with the company I have been exposed to clients such as; VPSI, Inc, Genetics Squared, NSF International, Google, Silver Anti-Bac, Linux Box and many more in various fields. It has been an incredible experience for me to learn about so many diverse corporations and how they are contributing to the health and well being of our country.

For instance, Genetics Squared is in the process of developing a test that can help doctors determine how to treat certain types of cancers. By using personalized medicine we can possibly save the health care economy over 200,000 million dollars by being able to target the right procedures and treatments for different cancers. Imagine that?

VPSI, Inc is another client of ours that is helping all of us reduce our carbon footprint by providing alternate forms of sustainable transportation in the form of Vanpooling. To find out more about Vanpooling and VPSI go to, which is a blog that Eiler writes and maintains on behalf of VPSI, Inc.

NSF International helps protect all of us from the recent food scare(s) we have been trying to overcome the past six months. Recently, NSF provided a $1 million grant to a Virginia Tech professor of weed science to study the pathogen that causes bacterial speck disease of tomatoes. NSF is another example of a Michigan-based international business that is in the center of international issues. NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Not only are the companies that we represent making a difference in the health and
well being of our nation, but I feel as if I can help make a difference by using the resources of a PR agency to spread the word. By using the correct forms of a market positioning strategy, we have found that we are able to get great marketing and public relations results for our clients and I am proud of that!

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Mixing Science With Business

My daddy is a science man. I’m on track to become a business woman. It’s easy to think that we might clash but actually we go hand in hand.

Last night on T.V, my dad and I watched the Japanese scientist Dr. Yamanaka talk about how he discovered how to turn skin cells into stem cells which then created red blood cells to fight sickle cell anemia in mice WITHOUT using embryos! Truly Amazing.

My dad and I couldn’t stop talking about it. My dad was excitedly explaining to me and marveling over the scientific aspect of this discovery, genes, knockout mice, DNA, CRE..etc. Meanwhile, I was ecstatic about all the opportunities that Dr. Yamanaka had just unleashed.

With the moral issue of stem cell research evaded, there is bound to be an exponential increase in stem cell research. Stem cell research could lead to cures in diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and cancer. The impact of Dr. Yamanaka’s discovery on both the science and the business world will have a profound effect.

On the business side, this means an opportunity for huge advancement in the field of biotechnology. With this scientific discovery comes more research and with more research comes an inevitable advancement in biotechnology. This advancement will lead to more jobs ultimately leading to more business in this biotechnology! A great example of this is Genetics Squared. They are actually developing tests that can help doctors to determine how to treat cancer faster and quicker. Biotechnology is and forever will be on the rise!

After the T.V show had ended, my dad and I sat around the table talking until 11 pm, mixing science with business.