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Ann Arbor is simply a “diamond in the rough”

Growing up in a liberal, tree-hugging college town is all I’ve ever known. My childhood was characterized by football Saturday traffic (although I missed the games to attend ballet class) getting treated to fantastic Indian, Arab and seafood fare, and plenty of long bike rides through Gallup Park or other bike trails in a green city I call home.

While I can admit growing up I may have taken my Ann Arbor’s assets for granted, going to college in a different state and reading plenty of headlines about my hometown’s national recognitions has got me thinking: do people know what they’re really missing by not living in Ann Arbor?

Here are some plausible credits that Ann Arbor’s recently snatched up: Money Magazine ranked Ann Arbor 46th in its’ 2010 list of “America’s 100 Best Small Cities.” The magazine coined Ann Arbor as a college town but with perks of a bigger city, boasting plenty of arts and culture. I couldn’t agree more. What would Ann Arbor be without the annual Art Fair, Hash Bash, and our year-round offering venues, such as the Michigan Theater, the Hands-On Museum and The Ark?

Ann Arbor isn’t just college-student friendly. Parenting Magazine ranked Ann Arbor fourth in its compilation of “10 Best Cities for Families.” In its list, the Magazine emphasized the “braininess” of Ann Arbor and it’s efforts to educate youth. According to the magazine, the city’s high school graduation rate is 94 percent and more than 64 percent of Ann Arbor residents have four or more years of college under their belts. In fact, the Ann Arbor School system isn’t too shabby, either. In it’s “America’s Best High School’s List,” BusinessWeek named Huron High School the school with the best overall academic performance in Michigan. I guess you could say I received a decent high school education.

Ann Arbor’s population is educated. We’re not a huge city, but we have flare. We’re eco-friendly. And we know how to dine well. What more could we ask for?

Rachel Krasnow

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CoolHeadS “The Most Innovative Award”

CoolHeadS wins the Most Innovative Award at the 2010 Exposure Show at Eastern Michigan University.

Winning the Most Innovative Award was a good start, but it’s only a start,” Tommy Green, CEO said. “Now the mission is getting the product on peoples’ heads.”

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Dr. Twitter – The Psychology of Social Media

Social media (SM) users are relying on the web 2.0 sites for more than just networking these days. Might SM’s greatest contribution be mental health? SM’s use as a therapeutic outlet was studied and explored by Mental Health Camp, a Canadian-based conference in April 2009. This collaborative project investigated SM’s influence on mental health, both from a PR perspective and as a therapeutic outlet.

The all day Camp looked at ways to erase social stigmas associated with poor mental health “one tweet at a time” through social media marketing. Camp presentations and discussions pitched SM as an opportunity to release public service announcements from a personal perspective.

Additionally, presenters positioned SM as an outlet for those dealing with stress and anxiety. In terms of daily relief, individuals can blog and tweet away mental angst. According to Mental Health Camp counselors, mental health ranges from mental wellbeing (e.g. minimum stress, interpersonal problems) and serious illness (e.g. addiction, schizophrenia, anorexia). Mental wellbeing is our focus in this blog. Rather than keeping thoughts and burdens weighing on your mind, why not write a soothing blog or post on Twitter? In this sense, SM is a new age, productive version of the punching bag or stress ball.

Although the Camp concluded in April, online therapy continues on the Mental Health Camp’s website (here) as well on sites throughout the internet. As we have documented on this blog Web 2.0 and SM continue to weave into communication networks in productive ways.

Personally, I find blogging and other SM software both fun and therapeutic. In addition to a quick cure for boredom, networking with friends on Facebook is a great distraction from daily stresses. And when my girlfriend and roommates are sick of listening to my rants about my favorite sports teams, I continue the discussion on the blogoshpere. I know, I know…how pathetic right? Well, the stigmas surrounding these online outlets are quickly disappearing while the benefits are becoming more apparent.

Case Ernsting

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The Helping (Hand) State

Don’t turn on the news tonight. Take a night off. I’ll spare you the suspense… Unemployment is high, the markets are down, and the Red Wings (probably) won.

The negative economic circumstance dominates newscasts these days, but we rarely hear about the financial aid available. President Obama signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) on February 17th thereby generating thousands of dollars for business owners seeking aid in the tough economy. The ARRA is designed to stimulate many different industries around the country, with unique investments here in Michigan. In efforts to accelerate the economic recovery, Governor Jennifer Granholm’s administration has created a website filled with helpful hints on obtaining grants and tax aid for state businesses. Granholm and her staff should be commended on the launch of this site, for Michigan is one of only 17 in the nation to offer ARRA information with such ease. Sites assisting the search for recovery financing:

Governor Granholm can be seen here, outlining the state’s use of ARRA funds.

Work is being done to fuel the local economy as well. Ann Arbor SPARK is focused on continuously supporting regional businesses and entrepreneurs throughout these tough economic times offering programs, resources, and proactive backing. Many businesses have heard about and benefited from SPARK’s commitment to Ann Arbor innovation.

Hopefully your business has stood up to the downward sloping economy, but if you’re having trouble, make sure you apply for grants and financial assistance soon. Many grants have a “90 Day Window” for applications. The economy can’t wait, and neither should you.

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming….

Case Ernsting

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Eiler Communications Diversified PR Portfolio

When I first started with Eiler communications as a Senior Account Manager I had most of my marketing/pr experience in high-end real estate, sales and restaurants. Since my tenure with the company I have been exposed to clients such as; VPSI, Inc, Genetics Squared, NSF International, Google, Silver Anti-Bac, Linux Box and many more in various fields. It has been an incredible experience for me to learn about so many diverse corporations and how they are contributing to the health and well being of our country.

For instance, Genetics Squared is in the process of developing a test that can help doctors determine how to treat certain types of cancers. By using personalized medicine we can possibly save the health care economy over 200,000 million dollars by being able to target the right procedures and treatments for different cancers. Imagine that?

VPSI, Inc is another client of ours that is helping all of us reduce our carbon footprint by providing alternate forms of sustainable transportation in the form of Vanpooling. To find out more about Vanpooling and VPSI go to, which is a blog that Eiler writes and maintains on behalf of VPSI, Inc.

NSF International helps protect all of us from the recent food scare(s) we have been trying to overcome the past six months. Recently, NSF provided a $1 million grant to a Virginia Tech professor of weed science to study the pathogen that causes bacterial speck disease of tomatoes. NSF is another example of a Michigan-based international business that is in the center of international issues. NSF International is an independent, not-for-profit organization.

Not only are the companies that we represent making a difference in the health and
well being of our nation, but I feel as if I can help make a difference by using the resources of a PR agency to spread the word. By using the correct forms of a market positioning strategy, we have found that we are able to get great marketing and public relations results for our clients and I am proud of that!

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New outlooks on entrepreneurism in Michigan

Finding a job in Michigan may be challenging, but it’s not impossible.

Matt Roush, editor of the Great Lakes IT report and technology editor at WWJ News Radio 950, gave a presentation July 17 to Automation Alley and the Entrepreneurial Institute of Southeastern Michigan highlighting some of the positives in the Michigan economy today.

Although large companies and manufacturing industries are consistently losing jobs, small entrepreneurial companies are slowly gaining jobs. The challenge is to know how to encourage more of this kind of growth. Some of the things Michigan has going for it in this area include: engineering talent, great research universities such as the University of Michigan, Wayne State University and Michigan State University and a welcoming environment for business.

There are some steps that can be taken in order to create a healthy environment for these businesses to survive. They include: increasing entrepreneurial K-12 education, increased acceptance and understanding of the risks associated with entrepreneurial businesses and a better understanding of the role of public relations in these ventures.

Many companies in the high-tech, healthcare and problem solving industries are growing and hiring. NSF International, a public health and safety company, is one of those companies. In 2007, NSF hired 117 people in the United States. So far 68 people have been hired in 2008. The company is averaging 31 open positions per month. NSF employees also have opportunities for internal moves – 46 employees were promoted or transferred through the month of June.

High-tech players in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Linux Box and Genetics Squared have also grown and hired this year.

“It’s simply not true that tech jobs are moving to India and China,” Roush said. He went on to say this is what some high school students are hearing from their counselors, despite the inaccuracy of the statement.

The companies who are experiencing growth are often the ones who are able and willing to adapt to the changing economy.

Plexus Systems, a company that provides business software solutions, added 30 jobs in Michigan in 2007. In 2008, the company will create more than 100 more positions.

Want another example? Meditrina Pharmaceuticals Inc., Velcura Therapeutics, NanoBio Corporation and ProNAi Therapeutics have all moved some of their business to Michigan. These pharmaceutical companies have also been adding jobs.

Creativity, high-tech skills and willingness to take an entrepreneurial risk may be one path to success for Michigan.


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Changes in PR Technology

CEO of Eiler Communications Larry Eiler gave a presentation at Eastern Michigan University entitled PR in Marketing: How the Lines Are Blurring as Technology Grows as a Driver. Here is a brief recap…
I. PR in the Marketing Mix
• PR has always been a key component of any quality marketing program
• It has some inherent advantages that gain it recognition as an authoritative independent source
• Third-party veterans of user, analysts
• It use to be one separate element in the mix
• Now it is everywhere because technology has made a new breed of journalist
• The content may be used in any marketing technique
• The Lines between advertising PR and other techniques have blurred
• A company’s reputation depends on trust. Truthful PR stories can build that credibility


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Michigan Positive 24 Sep 2007 01:06 pm

Internet marketing panel at e2Detroit

Internet marketing strategies — a topic many people are educating themselves about — will be discussed by experts at the annual e2detroit conference next Tuesday,October 2, 1:30 – 3:10 p.m. Matthew Naegle, a Google AdWords strategist in Ann Arbor; Linda Girard, founder and visinary of Pure Visibility, an Internet marketing firm in Ann Arbor; and Apurvi Desai, marketing and PR manager of Asterand, Detroit; will join me to present a focused overview of what Internet marketing is all about. We’ll be in the McGregor Conference Center, room J, for two 50-minute presentations.

Lots of people want to learn about new media and how to use the Internet to reach customer and make sales. This sessions is aimed precisely at what people want to know. What is Google AdWords and how does it work to help me reach customers? What is SEO (search engine optimization) and how can it work for me? How do I unify various new media Internet techniques to be the best for my business?

Mr. Naegle will cover AdWords; Ms. Girard SEO; and Ms. Desai how various strategies with Internet marketing tools work together to benefit your business.

They’ll answer a series of questions that I will pose, including:

What is needed to be successful with an Internet marketing strategy?

What about budget?

How do I drive more leads to my site?

How do I get started?

What future innovations is Google planning in terms of on-line marketing?

Why is performing visitor behavior analysison your site important?

With the Internet growing rapidly as a source for reaching customers directly to generate knowledge of your business, you will want to hear from these leading people and companies.

Posted by Larry

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“Google effect” ties to Ann Arbor’s #1 rank in knowledge worker metros

The new term “Google Effect” will come to have a very precise and good meaning for the Ann Arbor Region, and Michigan, as we move forward with economic development. Coined last week by SPARK CEO Mike Finney in an interview with Tom Henderson of Crain’s Detroit Business, it referred to the new move to Ann Arbor of Barracuda Networks, a Silicon Valley based anti-spam, anti-virus software firm.

“Google Effect” refers to Google’s moving here last year and the positive flow of interest in our region due to our number one position in the recent Knowledge Worker Quotient survey by Expansion Management magazine.

Top 10 Knowledge Worker Metros

  1. Ann Arbor, Mich. MSA
  2. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, D.C.-Md.-Va.-W.Va. MSA
  3. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, Calif.
  4. Boston-Cambridge-Quincy, Mass.-N.H. MSA
  5. Durham, N.C. MSA (tie) San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif. MSA (tie)
  6. Boulder, Colo. MSA
  7. Madison, Wis. MSA
  8. Iowa City, Iowa MSA
  9. Ithaca, N.Y. MSA (tie) Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, Wash. MSA (tie).

It is good to have some positive news to report so let’s all be aware that economic recovery takes time and will occur periodically.

Larry Eiler